I can finally orgasm on my own without visual aid!!!

Ughhhhhh it's so great. I used to be able to do this if I was already horny from something that happened IRL but it was here and there and if nothing made me hot and bothered IRL, I couldn't do it. Now I am able to do it pretty much any time. I am three months porn free.

I am still working on controlling my thoughts while masturbating. I find kinks and intrusive thoughts creep in sometime but I do my best to push them out. I am only trying to think of vanilla stuff, mostly with my spouse.

It feels great to be able to do this. The orgasms are not as powerful as before but I think that will change with time as I de-desensitize myself. Just wanted to share!!!

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Living in the moment

I’ll be honest. Porn free is something I’ve tried before. Undoubtedly noticed the benefits of this within two weeks.

I am coming off a recent relapse in an attempt at redirecting my energy back to real women.

I think I’ve had a recent revelation… Tinder, bumble and whatever other dating apps that I honestly have somewhat decent success at has crippled me in the same way porn has.

Typing in what I’d like, scrolling and wasting energy on “potential connections”.

It never fails, when I do meet a woman organically, the connection usually lasts longer. But I’m now socially crippled and having anxiety about meeting and talking to new women and people in the wild.

Swiping on my phone instead of looking at the women in the bar next to me or regretting not talking to that cute cashier once i leave the store knowing I may never see her again. This is bullshit. It has been my reality for a few years.

My phone while connecting me to instant gratification nullifies my ability to connect with the world around me and manifest the reality I plant digital seeds for.

My anxiety is through the roof saying this but I need to focus on my weakness to alleviate that and grow as a man. Porn and swiping didn’t used to be the norm. Reverting to that will help me have out come independence and not be worried of rejection. In theory.

No solid point to this post, just getting this off my chest.

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Day 5 and I’m noticing changes

I made the decision to quit cold turkey on Monday night and it has made a difference for me. Day one was easy, I got everything out of my system the day before and it felt easy. The last time felt like it would be.

Day three was hell because it was all i could think about, but I went to the gym and worked it out there. It helped.

Day 5, I noticed something I havent done since I was in 10th grade. I’m blushing again. I saw someone stunning and I smiled and blushed. I didn’t know it was something that stopped and that it was something that would return. But i’m thrilled about it and I just wanted to share.

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