90 days of trying to quit today

Pleased I’ve managed to keep going this long! Still not clean, but here’s some positive stats: Out of 90 days, I’ve lapsed on 24 of them. That means I’ve been watching porn 26.6% of the time. My goal was for 25%, but this is still hell of a lot better than beforehand, when it was every goddamn day. The difference is a lot more stark when I consider it used to be three times a day on average. I’d estimate over these 24 days there were 40 individual instances of porn. That’s a cut of over 85%! Big! My goal for the next 90 days is to be clean for 75 of them, up from 66. Onward and upwards! Good luck to you all struggling. It took me ten years to get here, but it feels great.

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