When There’s No Reason To Believe- A Daily Journal

Few people have inspired me recently as much as William James (https://notesanddrafts.com/2019/01/03/william-james-and-the-will-to-believe/)

Before he became the "Father of American Psychology" and the first professor to offer a class on "Psychology" he was in utter despair over his health and prospects. So he gave himself one year where he believed he was 100% responsible for his actions beginning with believing in free will even when there doesn't seem to be a reason to.

I have failed a few times at Rebooting. The longest I've gone is six weeks. It's coincidentally how long I can abstain from cigarettes and drinking. Each time, I learned that every battle against of addiction is a battle over free will. That I can say no, because I choose to even if the prospect is alluring to my mind.

That free will is taking complete responsibility for your actions so that you can truly make your own choices.

That I am not trying to simply stop doing certain things, but instead I am choosing to be more intuned with my body, desires, and shortcomings.

I am hoping this journal will serve as a replacement for my habit, and lead to greater insight. Most of all, I hope it encourages everyone to keep trying and keep growing.

This is day 2.

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